Why Content Marketing?

Content without quality, richness and usefulness will not convert into traffic or leads to your site. Today, Google and Bing – the most popular search engines emphasis more on quality content, the content that helps the end-users and solve their problems or issues. So, to get more traffic to your site that ultimately generates revenue for your company or business you ought to take content marketing seriously and raise the quality of your content to give your customers the things they really want to hear from you or get help for anything they find difficulty with.

What is content?

Content refers to information meant for distribution. It can be in various formats. Some popular formats of content include online articles, blog posts, case studies, e-books, white papers, news, press releases, e-newsletters, podcasts, editorials and social media content. Besides, content can also be in the form of diagrams, free offers, jokes, how-tos, reviews, user-generated comments, games, slide shows, quizzes, xml feeds, widgets, videos, year-end overviews, info graphics, music, lists, cartoon strips, toolkits and knowledgebases.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing encompasses all possible formats of content created to engage and entice potential customers. It calls for creating content that is compelling, relevant, informative and entertaining. To attain the desired results of changing customer’s behavior this content should be provided on a consistent basis. Besides, it should be created after due research and distributed through right channels. Success of a content marketing campaign is measured with the impact it has on raising the awareness level, lead generation and a rise in customer base for the client.

Unlike traditional marketing which is more expensive and often considered an interruption, content marketing is more cost effective and less interruptive. Instead of offering direct ‘disruptive’ marketing, content marketing aims at providing knowledge to the prospects about the company’s product or service so that they may take a more informed decision. It has been noted that if the prospects are supplied with useful knowledge when they really need it, they are inclined to favor the company when it’s time to make a purchase decision. As the content marketing initiatives are known to provide good results most companies are going for it. Even the major marketing companies across the globe such as Proctor and Gamble, Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems, American Express, GE, Dell, Adobe and Microsoft are using content marketing to boost their sales. Following suit, a large number of smaller companies are also resorting to content marketing to give their business the right impetus.

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